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LAIS mission statement

LAIS mission statement  Lower Austrian International School considers the interaction of students and teachers from vari-ous cultural backgrounds the cornerstone of international education. In LAIS communication on the academic field and in sports reaches beyond national boundaries, and is intended to encourage students to appreciate cultural differences as something that enriches their wealth of experience.  


We actively promote our students' sense of identity as well as their tolerance and appreciation of various cultures by stimulating their curiosity and encouraging the idea of lifelong learning. Hence international education in our school aims at mutual understanding and students' sense of open-ness for influences that go beyond national boundaries.  


In this way we hope to develop caring, curious and responsible young world citizens who are aware of the importance of intercultural understanding and respect. These approaches are a crucial component of our school philosophy as we exclusively work with young semi-professional athletes who possess and require an increased level of open- and international-mindedness, which sport as a unifying phenomenon promotes and demands.

LAIS philosophy

Lower Austrian International School stands for    

  • a familial climate
  • individual assistance and support
  • responsiveness to personal needs and abilities
  • the creation of a positive and cosmopolitan atmosphere for study...

LAIS academic honesty policy

Lower Austrian International School (LAIS), guided by the philosophy of the IB, attaches great importance to high standards of academic integrity. Academic honesty is expected from all members of the LAIS community including administrators, teaching staff and students...

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