4H Report of English in Action Week

It started on the 24th of April till the 28th of April 2023. From 8 am to 1 pm, reading, speaking, listening, writing, pronunciation and grammar skills in English were improved thanks to native speakers who did their best to encourage students to study and practise English.  

Basically, there were two aims of  the English week. First, using English to interact with classmates and teachers. Second, supporting pupils who are about to graduate in English in a month.  All topics of their final oral examination, like social media, healthy lifestyle, sports etc. were covered to enable students to talk about them properly. According to the students especially playing language games helped a lot to improve speaking skills. 

At the end of the week each student had to present one topic to the classmates and all of them received a certificate. All in all, it can be said that students and natives had a good time.