BEST³ - Many paths to takeLAIS vor Stadthalle Wien

 As this year 7L applied for the IB in 2011, its students were already able to make vague decisions concerning their future by choosing their six elective subjects. During the year each and every student got a chance to broaden their interests and expand their knowledge in the different fields they were already interested in. Today, almost at the end of the first (of two) IB examinations years and the summer for university and college applications coming up, the students are obliged to decide whether they will attend a higher education f.e. a university, hop into their career right away, or continue with sports at a professional level.

This is surely a tough choice to make and even if you have decided for one of the three, there are still minor decisions, f.e. which university to attend, which job to take or even what team to play for. These decisions will determine one’s life. Nevertheless, every student-athlete should attain the opportunity to get exposed to different options. On the 9th of March the 7L took the train into Vienna to visit the BEST³ (Beruf, Studium und Weiterbildung), an exhibition where different universities supplied information about their facilities, courses and programs over a period of four days. It was located at the Stadthalle (Vogelweidplatz 14, 1150 Vienna). I personally thought that the fair was arranged very clearly, assuming thaLAIS - Botschaft von Kanadat one had a map which gave a decent overview over the two floors. The advisors were helpful, kind, and for the most part knew what they were talking about. Something that specifically caught my attention was the fact that the University of Economics in Vienna had quite a lot of partners in the United States of America, which means that if someone was interested to transfer the state would be willing to cover partial fees (which are pretty high in America). All in all the trip to the BEST³ was a significant experience, to not only look at options but also realize that finishing the IB and applying for a university is right at the doorstep.


by Nikolaus Houben