Open Air Spectacle in Klagenfurt

Taking advantage of some lucky league scheduling, Okanagan Hockey Academy Europe made the trip this past weekend to Klagenfurt, to see Austrian hockey-history in the making. It was a truly unique experience for the young L. A. Stars hockey club Saturday afternoon, joining 30,500 other spectators at Aus tria's first ever open-air hockey game, which was played at the Wörthersee Football Stadium in Klagenfurt.










It was the 277th meeting of the archrivals from Villacher Sport Verein (VSV) and Klagenfurt Athletic Club (KAC), and although the game was good, the atmosphere was spectacular on the snow-dusted afternoon, as temperatures hovered around four degrees below zero. While Villach managed to win the game 3 – 1, the Stars' players were treated to an experience of a lifetime which they will remember forever as fans for both sides chanted, drummed, and cheered in typical European hockey fashion throughout the afternoon.

The event was the third largest spectator-gathering in European hockey history with only games in Sweden 2009 and Switzerland 2007 managing to attract more fans.