Ball_2010Ball des Sport-Leistungs-Zentrums St. Pölten - Prom Night

On the 27th of November, the time has come again for the world to take a look at the Sport-Leistungs-Zentrum St. Pölten and its partner, the BORGL and BHASL, a small but precious school in St. Pölten and its ever-popular prom, a well-established annual event since 2004.

Not only will the numerously arriving guests be served an exclusive offer of specially developed drinks and cocktails, not to mention the entertaining tombola, but the by now renowned midnight show, traditionally performed by the senior students, has been, according to the latest rumors, brought up a whole level by adding new and in this form never seen scenarios to the act.

Appreciators of literature will get their money worth on buying a copy of the very well-written, so called “prom journal”. Long story short, an event that must not be missed! by Georg Garger

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