UNITED NATIONS - A Look from within (by Maxim Liubimov 5L)


On Thursday morning I as a part of 5L class with Miss Eder and Miss Kasser went to UN headquarter in Vienna International center.

Firstly, we were subject to the inspection of security of the UN. Then we went to eat a snack in a café. We were sitting and then we saw a column of cars coming towards the main UN entrance. There was a red carpet and some journalists were also there. We were asking:” Why is that? Who is so important to be met like that?” And after the VIP went in, miss Eder said:” This is Ban-Ki Moon, the secretary general of the UN.” This meant, that we just saw the most important UN person!


After that sudden meeting we went to the big round square with the fountain in center and flags all around it. Here we met our guides-we were divided in two groups. Our guide told about the UN first. We already knew many things about the UN, so we were quickly answering the questions.


Ban_Ki-MoonNow I’ll tell you some facts about the UN. In is made of 193 countries and it was established in 1945, after the WW2 ended. But why was it made? For what reason? It is the biggest peacekeeping organization in the world. On the one hand, in 1914 there was established the same organization-League of Nation. It was made to prevent the WW2, but it didn’t cope with a task, because, as we all know, the WW2 was the biggest war in history. UN doesn’t only deal with war, they also have different aspects of work, but I’ll tell them a bit later.

Coming back to our guided tour, we went to the space part on the UN. This part on the UN deals with the rubbish in space. Because if something fall down on the Earth surface, who is responsible for that? UN will find this out. Then we went to the nuclear tests stand. There we found out that there were 2047 nuclear test on the Earth. USA, USSR and France are leading in the nuclear test number list.

After this we watched a short movie about refugees. By the way, we were sitting in old UN conference chairs. Then we talked about human rights and completed a little task from our guides-to match the picture we’re given with one(or more) human rights.

There was a small accident before we went home-someone told Miss Eder that I’m in the toilet and she was waiting for me. No problem at all, but I was in the bus. So, Ivan Galagusov went to take our teacher with us back to school.

To summarize, this was a very cool trip, and I was very satisfied with it.

Maxim Liubimov 5L.